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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  October 30, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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podium, some big names in arizona politics took the stage. >> how refreshing it will be to stand next to mr. trump and be able to say, thank you, mr. president, for defending our country. [crowd noise] >> i'm not going to get into the illegal immigration, but i'll tell you the vision. he -- he had a vision on the illegal immigration drug problem, the terrorism problem. heats been speaking out -- he's been speaking out. >> this is what i mean when i say that our system is rigged. our system is rigged, folks. and be careful with your votes. be careful with your votes and watch your votes. a vote for hillary is a vote to surrender our government to public corruption, graft, cronyism, that threatens their survival of our constitution
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>> trump didn't leave here and head home. he's still out campaigning, taking off from sky harbor this afternoon. headed for las vegas, where he will hold another rally tomorrow. and of course, throughout this election cycle, we have seen several large protests at donald trump rallies here in arizona. sometimes confrontations would erupt between demonstrators and supporters. at times it even seemed to near violence. but t stopped here locally have seemed much more peaceful. >> they have. fox 10's stefania coley was outside the convention center and spoke to both demonstrators and supporters and she has the stories. >> reporter: that's right. it was certainly a lot more peaceful today. we also saw a bit of a smaller crowd. of course, some arguments broke out because everyone has a very strong opinion. and that opinion they made it strongly heard today as well.
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>> reporter: the usual bizarre depictions of political candidates on display outside the convention center as donald trump makes an appearance in phoenix. and the usual crowd of anti-trump and trump supporters protested outside. the crowd only this time a bit smaller. but still each one with a strong opinion. >> i don't think we need a monarch. i think we need a country that's united again. >> there's a left and the right issues, right? and a lot of them has to do with big tyrannical government. >> reporter: for many inside convention who watched trump speak, they said it wasn't their first time at a rally. and 10 days before the election, they said they felt something different, something electric. >> donald trump. and the crowd. the enthusiasm is -- is -- is uncomparable to hillary's. >> reporter: enthusiasm in fact may be an understatement for the massive crowd that turned out. what is it that he says that really gets you going? >> i think it's just the fact
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what he believes in. >> reporter: what does he hit on -- >> he hits on some issues that are very important, such as the border -- the safety of the borders. >> reporter: certainly an electrifying rally today. now, hillary will be in the valley on wednesday and guess what, protestors say they will be outside of wherever she is speaking. again, ready to make their -- another statement. live in the studi >> thank you. across the aisle, hillary clinton spent the day campaigning in florida. even making an appearance at a jennifer lopez concert. and of course, she is facing backlash over the renewed emails scandals that -- after the f.b.i. announced that it was re-opening that investigation. democratic presidential candidate is calling for more information to be released. >> it's unprecedentedded and it
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[crowd noise] >> voters district attorney serve to get -- voters deserve to get full and complete facts. and so we've called on director comey to explain everything right away, put it all out on the table. right? ? and meanwhile, clinton will be making an appearance in arizona. coming up next, she'll be in phoenix next wednesday, november 2nd. it's for an early the campaign has not yet released details in terms of a location for the event. but the website shows a 2:00 p.m. start time. you can rsvp at deputies arrest a man after he shoots and kills his father at fossil creek. authorities say 24-year-old francis collecte shot and killed his dad dale. according to witnesses, they heard what sounded like several
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call police. dps says witnesses told them they noticed a body wrapped in tent material before they called authorities. the man was arrested earlier this morning in union city. to a developing story. one man is dead and two others are in the hospital after a shooting at a pool hall earlier today. >> those two people in critical condition tonight as police continue to search for the gunman. this unfolded outside of the break room bar and this is near 48th street and mcdowell. we spoke to a witness who didn't want to be shown on camera. they saw two ambulances as they were pulling into the bar. >> some of them running around panicking and one guy like -- h% know that was his friend or something because he was going like a little off. >> if you have any information, you are urged to call silent witness and that number is
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left picking up the pieces after a house that was being built goes up in flames. this fire happened near chandler boulevard and gilbert roads early this morning. chandler police rntsd ready to call this -- aren't ready to call this an arson but say a home down the street also caught fire. a realtor who just sold the house next door was there checking out the damage. >> man, this is so disappointing. i've got a client that's moving in right across the street right and now they have to come and deal with this. it sucks. >> if you have any information, you're scad to call chandler pd. police need your help in finding a man in an identity theft case from back in may. and police say that a man walked into the desert school's federal credit union near bell and 34th street. the man presented a check that was drawn from the account holder's checking account. the suspect was able to walk out of there with the money. police say that they need any information so that they can
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>> when you look at how identity theft occurs, sometimes it's people using i.d.s that aren't theirs, sometimes it's people cashing checks that aren't theirs. there's a lot of different layers and that's why if somebody knows who he is, we can start asking those questions. >> if you have any information on the case, again, you're asked to call silent witness at 480-witness. up after the break, an annual walk resurrected after year. these people don't look healthy to me. >> no! >> how the homby walk -- zombie walk -- >> it's a bad thing. >> it hopes to raise awareness
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we should all stop for a second and look at some of the images that we've been showing you all night. >> yikes. >> the undead taking to the streets in downtown this evening. >> it was the annual zombie walk and these ghouls were out for a great cause. marcy jones was live downtown with that story. marcy? >> reporter: that's right, guys. thousands of zombies turned out for the zombie walk.
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trump and hillary. i ven tiered out and it's -- ventured out and it's really hilarious. >> who's ready for a vomby walk? >> you can do it! you can do it! >> we moved to arizona and this was what happened. the heat. the heat did this to us. >> who's ready for a zombie walk! [screaming] >> reporter: is it hard to ride the bike with this sign on your >> no, it's not. >> reporter: why are you out here tonight? >> because as you can see there's thousands of zoom zombies that have taken over downtown phoenix. we are here to protect the citizens of phoenix and drive them back. [screaming] >> reporter: what is this? >> this right here, just also flashlight. see? >> reporter: is it your head for dinner tonight? yeah? how did you end up the main course? >> he talk me. >> reporter: classic dad, right? >> uh-huh. [sound effects] >> reporter: what do you have
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>> we're going to have so much fun. >> really? >> yes. >> are you lost? >> i am not. but people are always finding me. >> reporter: yeah, i know, but you're at a zombie walk. >> yeah, i was hoping this might abplace to lay low and not be found -- might be a place to lay low and not be found but it's kind of back firing on me. >> reporter: yeah, it's not working out. the walk actually benefits a very good cause. the night is helping out arizona hemophilia downtown phoenix, inc. marcy jones, fox 10 news. are you tired of the warm temperatures, good news. we're finally going going to be back into the 80s. i'll tell you when coming up
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we've all been patiently waiting for that fall-like weather and we're going to get a little bit of it as we get into the middle of the workweek. still, though, very warm out tonight, in the 80s. in many locations. relatively clear, though. that will change as we get into the overnight hours. a push of cloud cover. and we'r g in the temperatures honestly by tomorrow but even more the middle of the week. that's when you'll notice the switch into fall weather. this system bringing rain into parts of the pacific northwest. record-setting amounts in seattle. we're talking about nine inches for the month of october alone. some snow through the sierra. for us, though, relatively clear conditions. a little bit of cloud cover pushing from california into southern nevada and into utah. this is one of just several lows that has been making its way from the pacific northwest into
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this low that affects us in terms of the temps. helping to cool us down while the rest of the south remains warmer. numbers ranging from upper 60s in kingman to 80 for phoenix. 56 for st. johns. 50 for flag and 77 gila bend. douglas at 60 degrees. the valley 70s in most like locations. 73 up into buckeye. florence also at 75 and maricopa a deal cooler thanha 96 degrees. normal should be in the low 80s. we continue with that trend of very warm weather. the old record before today, 2007, we hit 95 degrees for our afternoon high. halloween around the corner. it always helps to get in the mood if things are cooler. around 5:00, still looking at upper 80s for your temperature. couple hours later, into the dinner hour, mid 80s.
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toward the end of the night at about 80 degrees. you probably don't need to bring a sweater for the little ones this year. national picture is pretty quiet with the exception of some showers moving through the great lakes region. in addition to the activity that i mentioned earlier. through parts of the pacific northwest in california. otherise, the trend is a very warm one. we're talking about record heat end of october into the beginning of november the entire stretch of the southwest. 80s across the board in many locations. to it 51 press colt, 54 safford. 59 window rock. yuma 93. a little bit of cloud cover out there tonight. we're going to continue to see above average temperatures into your sunday. a little bit cooler into monday. nice cool air on the backside of that system. bringing us down into the mid 80s tuesday and into your wednesday. i guess i'm joining you guys back over here. i was talking to you at the beginning during our commercial
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at the desk. >> hi. >> she's used to being booed in july and august. >> just light. >> no one ever boos her in october and november. she's only cheered and cherished. >> thank you. stop writing the nasty things on my page. the heat is going away, people. >> it's a long winter. which will be pleasant for all of us. >> let me throat this out there. -- float this out there. it's probably not her fault. >> it's definitely not my fault. when it's good weather, though, i'll take all >> teachers and students lining up at school like it's black friday.
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check out the long lines at charles harris school as students and teachers got free tablets and cell phones this afternoon.
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million-dollar investment from the verizon innovative learning program. and teachers and students received free tablets and stones with a two-year data plan. the principal says that will help students to learn outside of the classroom. >> the impact that this will have on our students is great. i mean, think about them extending their learning into their homes. i mean, beyond our classroom walls. it really is redefining learning for them. >> t school in the cartright school district participating in the initiative. a deal is reached to create the world's biggest marine reserve in the antarctic ocean. the area will cover 617,000 square miles. that's about twice the size of texas. wow. the reserve area is home to more than 10,000 species. most of the world's penguins and whales. all commercial fishing is banned
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areas for designated as research zones. look how cool it looks there. >> awesome. >> it looks like it's cold. >> very cool. >> the agreement will take effect next year in december. it will last 35 years. linda, something has to give. ducks five in a row.
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the injury bug is now an well, the injury bug is now an epidemic for the sun devils. key players along the offensive line. demario richard out. and key members of the secondary gone for today's game. dylan sterling on the road. one of the loudest places to play. how would they fare. down 33-22. there's sterling cole with a nice throw. tightening up this game. making it a contest in the fourth quarter. a nice job despite the turnovers.
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secondary. johnny monk goes 53 yards and it's 40-28 for the ducks. the ducks have lost five in a row. i talk about and future at oregon. watch this play. marcus ball picks it up. and with the turnover, asu in position to score yet again. thief been coming out -- they've been coming out of that wildcat formation with the running and back he throws it to cody cole and but oregon would answer each and every score with yet either score. and they did it with running back tony brooks james. watch the hit, the spin. and then the sprint. and i mean sprint to the end zone. 58 yards, oregon witnesses 55 her -- witness 54-35. asu 5-4 overall. it happened in chicago.
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clig-area natives. -- chicago-area natives. anthony rizzo drives in dexter fowler. kluber is doing his impression. he's been brilliant in the postseason and he got some help in the top of the second. carlos santana with a solo shot off john lackey. ties the game at 1-1 but kleber was the story -- cumberlander was the story. fabulous again for cleveland. and at the plate. also dribbler. watch chris bryant try to make a and that's going to score lonnie chisenhall. they don't need much with that bullpen. but jason kipnis who played his college baseball at arizona state with two on, a three-run homer. and there it is. a 7-2 win. cleveland now one win away from a world series clp. something they haven't done since 1948. for the arizona cardinals, and the schedule tomorrow, washington at cincinnati. that's in london at 6:30.
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packers/falcons and more world series action coming your way on fox 10 cleveland. and chicago a win. and they'll have a heck of a time of course in c-town. the cubs need to win that prolong that series back to cleveland. watch colorado on the power play. and again, you see this colorado avalanche with a big score right here. bourque with a rebound goal. louie in for mike smith. 3-2 the final. coyotes are up to a 2-6-0 start to the season. they have struggled early on. big story tomorrow will be the cardinals at carolina. so join us 10:00 a.m. "sports night" at 10:30. and a lot more to come, including the world series. >> thank you for not pointing out the colors of my dress. for tomorrow. >> it was a mistake, people. i'll be wearing my cardinal red tomorrow. that's all that counts. >> no one will remember as long as the cardinals get a win.
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have a great saturday night. we'll see you tomorrow.
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